REALITYBYTES is an artistic project developed by Lotte Louise de Jong

The plug-in is programmed by Tim de Jong

The website is built by Tancredi Di Giovanni

REALITYBYTES, is a web-browser which substitutes images and photographs on, , and with equivalents produced by AI. This alteration results in a fusion of content that is both humorous and uncanny. The experience also reveals the embedded biases and racial tendencies within AI systems, serving as an exploration of AI's escalating influence over image perception and representation.

This project prompts a critical inquiry into the authenticity and veracity of the digital content that is part of our habitual media consumption, particularly in an era marked by the pervasive presence of AI.
REALITYBYTES works on and, two platforms with distinctly different approaches to news delivery. By utilizing AI to replace images on these news websites, it challenges our assumptions about the 'reality' presented by these images. An important aspect of this project is highlighting the growing trend of AI-generated images being used by modern news websites in their articles.

The project also extends to, facilitating a study of the implications when an AI is tasked with rendering explicit content. This feature invites contemplation on the potential substitution of human-produced explicit content with AI-generated equivalents, a discourse that has emerged in light of the evolution of deepfake technology.

The REALITYBYTES plugin is compatible with Google Chrome and utilises alt-text and titles to generate AI images via Stable Diffusion. For, the title of each image includes an appended 'art' prompt. All images generated are cached on a server, which allows every user of the plug-in the same experience when visiting the website.

The project was officially launched at the on 29th June 2023 and is expected to run for approximately a month.